Science Department
The Newtown High School Science Program consists of a variety of courses covering all the major
scientific fields of study including Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In addition to
these core classes, there is an excellent selection of elective and Advanced Placement offerings that
allowstudents to pursue areas of particular interest to them.

Students who wish to accelerate their progression through the Newtown High School science program
to reach advanced levels as upperclassmen are encouraged to take Integrated Physical and Earth
Science (IPES), with its valuable science content, process, and laboratory foundation, and then
Biology and Chemistry concurrently as sophomores; alternatively, they could take IPES and Biology
(if they have taken Algebra 1) concurrently in their freshman year. The Newtown High School Science
Department does not recommend that any student bypass IPES. 

All courses include laboratory activities that are tied directly to classroom instructional objectives and
provide students with the opportunity to strengthen their understanding of scientific concepts through
hands-on experiences. All courses are designed to provide students with the necessary skills to become
scientifically literate, confident, problem solvers who are able to apply what they learn in the classroom
to the real world.  Successful completion of 9th grade Integrated Physical & Earth Science is expected
before enrollment in any other high school science courses.
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