World Language Department
We live in a constantly changing, multi-national world which is becoming smaller every day.
Cultivating international understanding through effective communication not only helps to create more
opportunities for students, it also increases understanding and connections that cross countries and
cultures. To this end, t he World Language department strives to inspire students to become
productive global citizens who will communicate in other languages and become invested in exploring
other cultures through comparisons with their own language and culture. Instruction will help students
develop the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing within a cultural context and apply
their learning through authentic tasks.

Course offerings provide students the choice of learning a classical (Latin) or modern (Chinese,
French, Italian, Spanish) language. Students will be challenged to explore the real-world application of
the language studied and to continue the development of their language skills. The World Language
Department invites and encourages students to take more than 1 language at a time while continuing
their studies throughout their high school year.
*Courses may not run if there are not sufficient student requests.
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