Computer Science

Computer Science is not only one of the fastest-growing professions, but it is embedded in every career.  NHS wants to best prepare our students for a successful future by offering a vast variety of computer science classes for ALL students at any level.

It is highly recommended that a student takes at least one computer science class during their high school career. A variety of computer science classes are offered so that students can explore all areas of computer science.  To learn more about the Computer Science course offerings at NHS view the program of studies or Watch this video that suggests possible CS pathways in high school. 

If students show a great interest in computer science, they are encouraged to apply to the National Computer Science Honors Society. 


Our goal is to have EVERY STUDENT feel welcome and capable in a computer science class.


Website / Information
Computer Science Honor Society Website
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Computer Science Classes at NHS

List of Computer Science Classes at NHS:
  • Applied Robotics Technology
  • Computer Technology - Hardware
  • Computer Technology - Operating Systems
  • Mobile App Design 1
  • Mobile App Design 2
  • Python 1 Honors
  • Python 2 Honors
  • Topics in Computer Science (New Course Fall  2023)
  • Video Game Design 1
  • Video Game Design 2
  • Web Design
  • Advanced Placement
    Computer Science Principles
  • Advanced Placement
    Computer Science A
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