Fall 2020 Newtown High School Attendance Update: 

Cohorts A and B - Students are required to attend school IN PERSON on their assigned cohort days. Learning remotely on In Person days requires approval from the Health Office at 203-426-7649 for medical purposes only.

All Cohorts - Any absences/tardies from class, In Person or Remotely must be reported by a parent or guardian to the Attendance Secretary. This includes technical issues, late arrivals, early dismissals & mid-day appointments. After a call is placed, students can check their Google Classroom for assignments.   

At this time, we will not be accepting handwritten notes for Late Arrivals and Early Dismissals.  Please contact the Attendance Secretary directly by email through the following link:  NHSAttendance or calling 203-426-7656

All students must have their Student ID with them at all times.

NHS Attendance - 203-426-7656

All students are expected to take personal responsibility and ownership for their education, arriving to school on time and being prepared to learn.  Whenever possible, please schedule appointments after dismissal.  Student ID's are required to enter and exit the building.  Please remind your student to have their ID with them at all times.

The official NHS Attendance Policy is located in the Student Handbook.
  • Please call to report all absences and late arrivals to the Attendance Office.  All late arrivals and absences must be reported by 10am. 
  • If a student is arriving to school late, they will be required to sign in at the Security Desk and then report to the Attendance Desk, located in the Main Office.
  • If a student needs to leave the building for Early Dismissal, they are required to submit a parent note to the Main Office Attendance Desk by 9am.  They will receive an early dismissal pass and be able to exit the building during school hours.
  • If a student does not have a note for Early Dismissal, a parent is required to come into the building with a photo ID and sign out their student. 
*Students are required to submit a doctor's note or a note from the office they had to visit, which caused them to miss school.

Newtown High School is a closed campus.  Students are not permitted to leave and return to the campus unless permission is obtained by the Attendance Secretary and an Assistant Principal.  All students are expected to remain in school until the end of the school day regardless of free periods.

Failure to observe the Attendance guidelines above may result in loss of credit and/or disciplinary action.